1962 Volvo P1800S

As much as we love the process, sometimes a GREAT one, already done, comes along. Here is a rare (model and condition) 1800 that we brokered for one of our customers. Below are pictures of some finishing details that we are doing here at the shop.




It's back! Some details to be done this spring

5/12/08: out with the old leaking fuel tank

In with the new reconditioned fuel tank

These reconditioned fuel tanks are better than new steel tanks-there is nothing to rust!





2006 Work done:

11/30/06: Rear brake assembly-everything looks good!

Front brakes: everything is cleaned and ready to clear coat the caliper

Inner wheel well exposed: Here you can see the brake servo unit

Inside front fenders showing headlight bucket and diretional assembly

Fender side trim hardware showing polishing compound leaching through

Carl sealing the inner fender (splash shield)

Seal around the flange of the splash shield

New splash shield installed!

Fender properly sealed to the fender support

This is showing the unusual number of spacers between the brake drum and the axle nut

1/29/07: Repair passenger side wing vent window handle: picture shows handle removed

Wiper transmission riveted to linkage, the 4 rivets had come loose

Wiper transmission posts welded to link arm to lessen play

Rivets restaked

wiper transmission apart, cleaned and re-greased

Underneath the dash: shows fresh air inlet vents moved/adjusted

5/24/07: Rear end coming out

Rear end out to detail under the car

Under chassis stripped to receive undercoat

Front brake assembly masked

Body bagged to prevent overspray

Engine masked before undercoating

Floors prepped for undercoat

Rear wheel well area ready for undercoat

Gas tank out and area prepped for undercoat

Floors cleaned-a true labor of love for a deserving customer!

Rubberized, paintable undercoat applied to inner wheel well area

Engine bay from front

Engine area undercoated

Floors undercoated

Undercoated-fuel tank out

Floors undercoated looking toward engine from the rear