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1963 Volvo 1800S

(It's a Jensen!)



2/28/06: New dash pad in place! (no without a little convincing...)

3/16/06: new, installed upper and lower dash pads

Battery box as found...RUSTY!

Old box removed

New box installed

Seam sealed box


Floor exposed

interior out, shows the floor rust

after sandblasting, holes

Rusty floor section cut out

New piece welded in

weld/ground/ ready for paint

painted floors!

Sound deadener inplace

Front seats, new covers! Check out the red carpet...the 'cream' seats...

Driverside foot well

Rear seats

Passenger seat, recovered

6/12/06: wheel bearing cover

Our starting point for the brakes and suspension...hopefully we'll see some improvement (i.e that exterior brake line waiting to break.

This type of caliper is found on the early models...lucky for us the later calipers will fit and they dont have the external line.

Front cross-member-suspension removed...

Backing plate

Axle stubs painted

A frame bushings-I think the condition of these shows why they needed to be replaced!

Look at all the suspension parts...

Dave welding the ends on the inner axle shafts-they were broken (out of the frame)

Starting to reassemble

Kind of hard to see...but there's Dave's welding work!

Suspension without brakes...

Suspension with brakes

We love pictures...


6/28/06: existing trunk

Since the 1800 sunvisors seem to be IMPOSSIBLE to get...we have to make the best out of what we have! Hopefully you can see the difference:

before I scrubbed and after!

Original support rods seen at the top of the picture-obvious rust and bends, reconditioned rods at bottom. We sandblasted and painted the 2 before


Customized fuel delivery tubing!

Reconditioned fuel tank in place



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