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1963 Volvo 544

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06/05/07: Rust at the bottom of the door

Replacing rusted bottom door flange

Door being chemically stripped

Door stripped-like factory new-no abrassives used

Rusted strip removed from door bottom. Shows new flange welded on

Door bottom blasted and weld thru primed. Ready for new door skin bottom

New door bottom tacked on

6/06/07: Front crossmember still complete-in process of disassembly

Differential removed and being cleaned for painting

6/11/07: Hans and Brad priming parts

Suspension parts blasted and started priming

6/18/07: AIR BORN! At last, on the way to have the main body painted

The car will stay on the rotisserie until final painting. Chassis parts can be reinstalled after painting

6/20/07: Front suspension parts out and broken down for processing

Front brake parts off and ready

6/21/07: Front brake parts

Parts processed for front suspension

6/26/07: Front king pins cleaned and ready for paint-these parts are painstakingly cleaned since there are working parts, no abrasives can be used

Rear support rods sand blasted, ready for primer and paint

7/19/07: Firewall primed, filled, sanded and ready for paint

Firewall to front frame

Frame: driver side ready for paint

Frame, passenger side


Under trunk where trunk floor was installed

Under side in self-etch

Firewall and front frame in self-etch primer

Frame and firewall in self-etch

same in primer

Floors, under, in paint

Front frame in primer-paint started

Interior being prepped

Trunk interior being prepped

Interior around rear window getting body work

7/25/07: Under floors being painted. Holes taped so overspray from painting inside floors wont impact under floor finish

Firewall painted interior in process

Interior in primer

Trunk in primer

All inside and under parts done, on its way back to have mechanicals installed before exterior painting

7/23/07: suspension parts finished and ready for reinstall

Springs done

7/25/07: Engine cross member with suspension assembled, ready for reinstall into body

View of brake backing plate

View of front cross member and suspension

7/26/07: Hans, Denis and the car


Inside floor

Inside trunk

View of interior from trunk

Trunk interior

Firewall inside

Cross member done and ready to be installed

View of crossmember reinstalled on frame

7/30/07: Front brakes done...and a thing of beauty!

Remaining parts in self etching primer, ready for black paint

8/01/07: Sand blasting rear end

Rear end sand blasted

Brakes done!

8/06/07: Rear end assembly and support arms reconditioned and ready for reinstallation

8/07/07: Rear brake assembly rebuilt-to better than new! I've seen a lot of good restoration work, but this is as good as it gets

Rear end and brakes back together

Master cylinder in place

Brake and clutch assemblies back in place. All new bushings, sleeve, zirc fittings...EVERYTHING!

Running the stainless stell brakeline around the cross member

Doing all of the work on the rotisserie-the only way to go!

8/08/07: Brake master cylinder showing the stainless steel brake lines going in

Front end done-all brakes and suspension completed. Red paint has a protective coat on which washes off at the end of the job!

What a sweet rear end!

8/20/07: Heater air distributors box as found-these parts were painted only minimally at the factory-who wants to breath air passing through rusty

duct work?!

8/21/07: Transmission mount renovated including new transmission mount-see the beautiful stainless steel fuel line?!

Emergency brake handle-wow, we found the correct original pale blue/grey color!

Emergency brake pivot assembly-now BETTER than new!

Refurbished cabin air control box-fresh air at last!

Cabin air control box-here is that fabulous 544 under dash pale blue/grey

Heater box casing-like new and ready for installation

10/04/07: Wheels, trued and reconditioned (sand blasted and painted)-better than new now!!



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