1964 Volvo 544


Starting Point as of 09/10/08:



7/06/06: Driver side front suspension

Left front suspension

A view from under the rear of the car

Passenger door: some rust....

Right rear wheel well...not sure what's going on here...

Another picture from underneath: you can see the rust showing through on the passenger side floor

8/21/06: Rear brakes with the drum removed-how they arrived

Parts removed from the rear brakes

Stripped down to the axle stub

Axle bearings, shims, and seals

Inside of one of the rear brake drums

Back side of a rear backing plate

the parts we removed form the rear brakes

The entire front end, showing brakes and suspension as found

Front A Frames disassembled and repainted

Front axle/king

Front axle/kingpin assembly prepared for painting (it has been sandblasted)

End of front cross member: clear and prepared to accept the rear suspension parts

Upper suspension link and rod: reconditioned, ready for installation

Rear axle being removed for reconditioning and bearing and seals replacement

Front suspension and brake parts: reconditioned and ready for installation

Measuring axle play in the rear end for adjustment

Reconditioned rear brake drum

Backing plate, wheel cylinder, adjuster, ebrake cable: all installed after reconditioning

Brake shoes on, ready to go

Replacement hard brake lines

Front axle and king pin assembly: after reassembly

Lower and upper control arms reconditioned and reinstalled

Front brakes: Completed

Front brakes/suspension complete

Rear brake drum on

New master brake cylinder, and new brake lines

Igor bleeding the brakes

Completed: front suspension and brakes

9/26/06: Reconditioning the idler arm

Restored idler arm (re-pinned and bushed)

Ready for alignment

10/16/06: Reconditioning the alternator

Alternator being installed

Rear engine seal/pilot shaft bearing

New clutch installed

Transmission drain plug: large number of metal filings on it...

Wheels after sand blasting and priming

Sanding the primer

Wheels in paint!

Tire mounted on painted wheels







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