1964 Volvo 544

Previous work (motor & body)

1/25/10: B18 bottom end buttoned up and ready for the pan


Steve, contemplating his recreation

Front of the B18 engine shows the timing gear casing with the new design rubber oil seal (instead of the felt)

New cam shaft peaking out of the fuel pump hole.

B18 ready to go back to work

Easy does it: "tilting" the engine and transmission into the engine bay.

Re-bushed clutch and brake pedal cross shaft

1/28/10: One of our own ideas-nickel plated exhaust manifold. It will out last most types of coating and even look good for some time.

B18 Eye candy-which is functional as well. This valve cover has been blasted and nickel plated. Far cheaper than chrome plating and just as functional.

2/1/10: Views of this beautifully (mechanically and cosmetically) rebuilt B18 engine. Rebuilt to stock specs. This unit has the very nice Webber downdraft conversion and a GM alternator, which both look good and add improved functionality to this already great engine.

Brake backing plates with all of the break parts removed.

Weird, unexplained groove in the brake drum that was not found in the other 3. We replaced the drum with a good used one to not take a chance.

2/15/10: Stainless steel piston on the left, original pot metal piston the the right.

Finally the answer to frozen brake wheel cylinders-brass lined cylinders and stainless steel pistons!

2/22/10: Brake shoes and hardware

Engine parts that were replaced-description from Left to Right:

1)Top coolant distribution tube was plugged. This would have lead to engine overheating and no heat to the heater. 2)Oil pump-out of specs and due for replacement. 3) Pistons and wrist pins-nice shape, could be reconditioned but cheaper to replace with new O.E. 4) Main and rod bearings-amazingly still within specs but replaced to get closer tolerances. 5) Front and rear engine seals-the old felt design was replaced with modern and much more effective rubber seals. The pilot shaft bearing, which is often ignored but deadly to the transmission synchro's when it goes bad, as this one had. 6) Valve lifters-just worn out-a weakness of this engine.


Updated 2/24/10