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1965 Volvo 544


10/22/06: Igor scraping previous gasket off of the differential cover

10/16/07: Floors with carpet removed

Rear section under the rear seat shows years of damage from water setting in floors

Rear seat foot well shows rust from water

Front floor-shows fiberglass repair

Under rear seat

10/17/07: Old floor section removed

New panel being fitted

New rear floor sections welded in place

10/18/07: Rear floor panels welded in place

Passenger side front floor panel looks like a challenge!!

Passenger side floor panel removed-showing top of muffler and frame rail in great condition

10/22/07: Custom made front floor panel

Front floor lip repair

10/29/07: New floors welded in place and seam sealed

Passenger side floors ready for paint

Driver side rear floor better than new!

Driver side frame rust as seen from floor under the rear seat

Under the rear seat, on the passenger side, shows area sand blasted and seam sealed. Area at the center of the picture shows frame rust coming through

the floor

10/30/07: Floors finished and painted

Initial investigation, cutting away rust in floors to find that the frame was rusted under the floor

Rusty frame section cut away-floor replaced above

11/05/07: Frame end repair finished

Frame end done

Floor holes above frame hole

Floor repaired above frame rust

Remains of rusty frame

Floor cut away to show rusty frame

Section of rear area, behind the rear seat, and rear frame rail, removed for replacement

Fitting frame end under the floor

Frame section removed-shown from under the car

Bulkhead repair panel in place

Bulk head repair panel shown from under the car

Frame end in place

Frame end welded in place

Bulkhead repair panel welded in place

Frame end shown from under the car

View of frame end finished and undercoated

Bulkhead repair finished and seam sealed

11/14/07: Sound deadener in rear, under rear seats, this area is particularly vulnerable to water intrusion from bad rear window gaskets (we'll also

be installing a new rear window gasket!)

Sound deadener being added to the new floors

Floor done, and FINALLY ready for new mats

View of rear bulkhead after repair, with sound deadener in place

Exterior rust on rockers-very bad-and a difficult area to repair. Proactivity is very important here

Detail of outer rocker panel rust

Topical rocker panel rust where door gasket has held in moisture that was coming out of the door drains-if not eradicated, holes would soon follow


11/27/07: Dave jambing door openings

11/28/07: Reconditioning doors

Window trim being reconditioned

Door openings being jambed

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