1965 Volvo 544




This 544 is a great example of what is available, still, for those with patience and resources! We located this vehicle in Texas, it is original paint, and it really is almost too good to be true. Minimal rust made this car a very easy decision to help purchase and agree to restore.  Be sure to look at the process pictures below to see that once stripped, this car is just as good as we projected it to be.


1/16/07: Front brakes apart, showing recent work

Attempt to remove driverside drum, unsuccessful to-date. Currently soaking...

February: Radiator as found

Fuel tank removed and ready to send out for reconditioning

Rear brakes as found

Rear brakes stripped to backing plate-starting to process-installing new, Volvo, emergency brake cable

Rear brake rotor-RARE condition-only found on cars from dry climates

Rear brakes stripped to backing plate

Passenger side rear axel: retapping the axel

Scored wheel cylinder

Passenger side rear brakes stripped to backing plate

Idler arm assembly in process

New idler arm assembly kit

3/20/07: Shows condition of old lower control arm bushings

Lower control arm with spent bushing

Engine bay at the start of the job with radiator removed-this is how it will look at the end of the job if the area does not get specific cosmetic


Reconditioned fuel tank in place

Reconditioned fuel tank in process of installation-view from inside trunk

Reconditioned radiator installed

Differential in service

Rear transmission seal in process

3/31/07: Exhaust pipe mount non-stock but effective

Trans rear seal and speed seal done

Head pipe with new gasket

Brake and clutch pedal shaft ready for rebushing

Extreme wear in clutch linkage-replaced with new part

New heater motor fan

9/10/07: Floors stripped and ready for prep

Driver side front, showing perforation in interior

Driver side rear, rusty but salvagable

passenger side front-what happens when water sets in an otherwise perfectly unrusted car-it doesnt take long to waste floors!

9/11/07: Seat support removed from floor

Driver side floor cut out-frame member is fine and will be saved

Remains of floors and seat support

New seat support

Fabricated here, seat support

an exact replica of original

Seat support, again, showing the detail

Fitting the seat support

Seat support

Seat support fitted and sand blasted

Seat support fitted and sand blasted

9/12/07: Floors with pourous metal removed

Glass and body cavities prtoected from abrasion and filling with blast media

Floors blasted, rear, as expected they are servicable

Blasted and ready for more work

Foot well: before, and then reproduced

Floor parts assembled, being fitted. Floor section is the only after market part available in this area

First fitting of the floors

Foot well cut out

Detail of footwell

9/17/07: Inner rocker cut out

Inner rocker area sand blasted and prepped

tunnel flange repair panel being fitted

Inner rocker reapir panel being fitted

Tunnel reinforcement refabricated

9/18/07: Fitting rebuilt footwell

Footwell installed, ready for floor panel

Floor panel being fitted

Fitting seat support




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