1967 Volvo 123GT

Previous Work

3/22/10: Front end parts, one side, ready for sand blasting

This hardware will be blasted and re-plated-some lengths are not standard and cannot easily be replaced with new. Nylock nuts will be replaced with new stainless.

Front suspension parts-as found after disassembly and cleaning.

3/24/10: The lower control arm bolt bushing had come loose from the frame and had to be re-welded.

Rust had gotten a firm foot hold on the control arm bolt flange opposite the broken out one.

The cross member strengthening flange is squished, as you can see in the lower right corner of this picture. It is almost flat against the cross member-possibly having been rudely recovered from a ditch

All suspension parts are bead blasted before they are repainted.

Stripping the paint and rust on this engine x member was a good thing. In this case it exposed an a-frame bolt bushing about to become disconnected from the main x member.

This part, the cross member, provides several important functions-so it must be in great shape to be functional. It supports the engine, stabilizes the structure of the car and carries the suspension and brakes. This part was surprisingly distressed.


How sweet is this - showroom quality replated front suspension hardware and repainted components. The x-member is the correct original grey color redone in todays superior paint chemistry.





updated 09/2010