1967 Volvo 123GT

Previous Work

These timing gears always get replaced. The steel gear actually wears faster than the fiber gear. Old gears make these engines sound clattery.

This B-18 cover end is "bulletproof." In most cases the crank only needs to be polished and new standard bearings installed.

Everything gets processed in some way.

This front engine cover with a primitive felt front engine seal will be replaced with a remanufactured unit which incorporates a modern rubber seal.

Oil pump, ignition distributer and fuel pump will be disassembled, checked for wear, reconditioned or replaced.

Oil filler cap is also the crankcase ventilation filter. It's 4 elements are disassembled, cleaned and replaced so as to function as new

This ugly combination exhaust/intake manifold will be sandblasted and nickel plated. If there are performance issues, as was usually the case with this early emissions set-up (1968 first year for

emissions), it may be better to replace it with a 1967 unit.

05/03/10: Engine 'bling' sandblasted and ready to be sent out for plating. Many of these parts are often painted, but give much better service if plated. This process is more about function and appearance.

5/10/10: All pieces plated and ready to be reinstalled.

Front suspension painted and ready for reassembly.

Updated 09/10