1967 Volvo 123GT


Rear brake drumb after removal and before processing.

Outside storage...under a tarp with cloth between the two...bad results.

Rear brakes as found: wheel cylinders are frozen. Other parts are new

Front brakes as found-calipers frozen.

All brake parts removed, down to the axel. The removed parts will be restored and reinstalled after the outer axel bearing is lubed.

Brake drumb sandblasted.

...and painted

Brakes done right. All steel parts sandblasted and painted with ceramic paint. Working surfaces cleaned and clear coated. Bearing surface polished. Braking surfaces sanded and left rough for best brake shoe break-in. Adjusted and never-seized.

To try and solve this perennial problem with brake systems, several partial solutions have been developed. Silicone brake fluid does not absorb the moisture, as conventional fluid does, that develops in the system as the brakes operate. But moisture still begets rust and with the older fluid at least the moisture can be purged  by bleeding. Next partial solution is brass lined wheel cylinders. In theory, the steel pistons should not seize to the brass lined cylinder bore. This just keeps the cylinders working longer. Inevitable rust forms in the pistons (if the system is not bled periodically) and the pistons stop, but the car doesn't. The final solution is stainless steel pistons-leaving nothing in the wheel cylinders to rust. Finally, a permanent solution to this age old problem. If the brake wheel cylinder could talk. The one on the left is one from a not very old replaced wheel cylinder. it was rusted solidly in place and not functional because brake systems get hot in operation. Upon cooling, moisture is condensed on/in all brake parts and the ensuing rust forms on all steel parts. The right piece is a new cadmium plated steel part. The plating actually promotes this corrosion process. Before long, this fairly new part will become stuck like its predecessor.

This caliper piston as found, rusted and frozen

Front caliper: These essential brake elements are inoperable-frozen from bad dust boots



Here you can see the torn dust boot

New calipers have been painted with ceramic brake paint

New caliper installed!

Rebuilt rear brake line-old one was squished flat and no fluid could pass through it