1967 Volvo 210

Previous Work

This and the next show a repair panel being installed in the rear door opening-another vulnerable rust area on this model

11/23/09: Lower inner rear wheel arch repair

Inner wheel arch lower section: newly fabricated part ready for installation


Fitting the repair panel


Front, bottom of rear inner wheel arch-the one most challenging panel to repair, also the most rust prone area of the car.

Rear under carriage, almost finished.

Rear inner fender pinch weld panel replaced.

Inner rear wheel arch repair

Taking in repair panel inner fender


Support "riggin" to support the 210 body off of the frame.

To put a different motor into this 210, the body must come on and off the chassis multiple times to measure and fit.

Body headed down to the chassis-the firewall will be marked and cut to accommodate the new engine and automatic transmission.

2/1/10: Modifying firewall and battery box of the 210 to fit the new engine

Stretching the original hump to accommodate the AW71 transmission-surprisingly, only about 1 1/2 inches need to be added to the original hump-the original carpets may fit.

Updated 2/1/10