1967 Volvo 210

Previous Work

2/22/10: The 'new' motor fits!

New automatic shift linkage-same position and close to the same length as the original, standard shifter

210 Automatic shift linkage

Cross frame cut and guttered to accommodate the driveshaft

210 new tunnel stretched to fit the automatic transmission.

Hans welding up the new tunnel

2/23/10: Repaired seat support welded into place

Transmission hump modified to fit an automatic transmission and mounted auto-shifter-it will live in the same position as the old standard transmission shifter

Old and new seat support rails

Fabricated seat support rail

Salvaged seat support will be attached to new rail

The cross member frame was cut and a channel was built to accommodate the driveshaft

New driveshaft channel

3/11/10: Re-fabricated seat support rail welded in place.

Cut out finished off on the firewall (that had to be done to accommodate the new engine)

Updated 3/10/10