1968 Volvo 210 (Duett)


This vehicle was imported from Sweden, into Florida, and now one of our customers owns it! Its a great driver, and we will do some minimal floor work on it to keep it road-worthy for years





4/03/07: This is an emergency brake cable retainer that had to be welded before reinstalling

Idler arm assembly re-bushed

Rear brakes stripped to the backing plate and ready for new parts

Driver side rear brakes, replaced parts

Passenger side rear brakes reassembled

Passenger side new emergency brake cable installed

Rear brake drumb sand blasted and painted. Metal thins with use and rusting, painting them allows for a much longer life

Lower control arm bushing hole: the rust be sandblasted and then painted to preserve the life of the new bushing that is being installed.

Front lower control arm shaft out for cleaning



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