1971 Volvo 145


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Rust never sleeps.... These very graphic images of rust coming out of the spot weld seams of what otherwise might pass for a not so rusty 145 are the reason never to repair rusty cars. When done, they are still just rust covered up.

Upper control arm reinstalled with new bushings and ball joint.


Front end parts apart- lower control arm, control arm pivot bolt, and brake rotor.


6/21/10: Frotn calipers-no rust-a thing of beauty

Suspension out, being repaired

Control arm bushings: couldn't be much worse

Control arm bushings

Control arm bushings being removed

Lower control arm being rebushed

Front suspension work in progress

Upper control arm bushing

Upper ball joint

Upper control arm done

Front shock: loose mount

Lower front shock mounting bushing was out of place, was super glued back into place.

Updated 4/2012