1971 Volvo 145

Previous Work

SSteve taking the engine out of the white 145.

This T.O.E. (tired old engine) had already been bored to the maximum and still was worn out. Forty years of service in a hot climate has taken its toll.

Engine gone - to a better place.........

This very nice overdrive transmission will go on to live again in the finished restoration.

Luckily this engine was still stock so we could bore it out to the next oversize - and luckier yet, the original Mahle brand pistons were available.

These pistons, with their cast iron chrome rings, were advanced technology in the day and enabled these engines to last much longer between rebuilds than other car makers products. These extremely hard rings resisted wearing out. Instead, the cylinder walls wore.

Not surprisingly, this crank has ot worn enough to need grinding to the next undersize. It will only need polishing and new standard bearings will be used.

Engine bay after engine removal.........

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