1971 Volvo 1800


Adding strip calk to the gas tank opening.

Old tank out for reconditioning.

Interior shot of the old tank.

Canadian reconditioned fuel tank-way better than new-will never rust.

Interior of new tank.

Old fuel plumbing

Fuel tank top side-the fuel sender for the fuel gauge will be replaced because it does not register properly.


"Lifetime" reconditioned fuel tank installed-with new fuel pump mounts (fuel pump surprisingly came back to life with a few love taps), fuel hoses, fuel filter and clamps.


Pristine underside-the to-die-for 1800

The very slight patina of rust on the 35 year old exhaust is an indicator of the minimal rust on this car.

Perfectly unrusted floor

Trunk floor

Old junk parts: all fuel lines and PCV hoses from tank area, fuel pump mounts and fuel sender

2/9/10: As found: this perfectly unrusted survivor, indoor stored in Arizona and not started for 35 years, is a perfect renovation/restoration candidate.

Interior as found

Dry rocker shafts-it is not uncommon to find the oil passages to the rocker shaft plugged. Unfortunately, the car is still able to run with this condition. We always check and get oil flowing to all the vital parts of the engine before starting.

Air filter: plugged with desert dirt

This ignition distributor (also controls the fuel injection firing) was a mess. It's now getting new points, condenser and vacuum advance.

Fuel injection triggering contact set is fouled by dirt and rust-one set of points was not returning, a likely reason for the car's having been taken out of service long ago.

Like most rubber parts on the car, the diaphragm in the ignition vac advance was spent and needed replacing.

Cleaned and reconditioned ignition distributor ready for reinstallation.


Last updated: 02/09/10