1971 Volvo 1800E

Previous Work

Front brake hoses as found

The front brake rotors, for having set in storage for 35+ years, still have only a slight patina of rust and do not need turning or reconditioning.

Front brake pads as found-shows results of stuck calipers and uneven wear

Front brakes done, bleed, lubed, new pads, work great and will last.

New front brake hoses

Detail picture of new front brake hoses


Front brake hoses

Remains of brake caliper dust seals

Fuel injectors, fuel lines, ignition distributor, advance unit, air filter, distributor cap

Parts: Heater control valve, brake master cylinder, radiator hoses, heater hoses, engine thermostat, brake caliper dust seals

2/23/10: carpets as found

1800 replaced parts: transmission cooling line to radiator, fresh air vent cables, defrost duct hoses, radiator cap

Carpets after cleaning!


Older style and worn out seats being replaced by new style (built in headrests) and fairly intack from the donor car!

Updated 2/24/10