1971 Volvo 1800E

Previous Work

3/10/10: Salvaged A/C idler pulley with new bearing

Rear exterior gutted on the project car

Interior completely stripped

Holes Drilled to install new style seats from later parts car.

Considering the overall condition of the "parts" donor car the interior parts are in surprisingly usable condition.

Rear panel: faded, but able to be reconditioned

After cleaning, the carpets were dyed to match the original color. The leather front seats were cleaned and reconditioned.

We later dyed this carpet to mask the faded areas.

Fortunately, the late interior fit the early car after extensive drilling. The late interior is far more functional and most would agree, more attractive.

The only flaw in this otherwise mint original interior is a tear in the passenger side seat cushion. The leather, after a lot of work, is back to supple and attractive.

Now everything in the interior looks and functions well

Rear interior: not bad for a 39 year old interior. Reconditioned. All original parts-not new, but still serviceable and attractive.


Updated 3/11/10