1971 Volvo 1800E

Work done includes:

Replace exhaust system, replace all clutch parts, replace pilot shaft bearing, flush transmission, service driveshaft, replace fuel tank with reconditioned unit, replace all fuel hoses in engine bay and at tank, replace fuel pump with new, replace fuel filter, re-hose injectors, replace 2 injectors, replace water pump, free up all brakes and replace rear system, change engine oil

Parts replaced include:

-clutch bearing

-shock absorber bushings
-fuel hose
-exhaust clamp
-exhaust hanger
-Transmission mount
-Clutch pilot bearing
-rear crank seal
-fuel filter
-clutch kit
-stainless steel exhaust
-Re-cored radiator
-Water pump hose
-All brake hoses
-Rear brake pads
-2 injectors
-Fuel pump
-Reconditioned fuel tank
-Fuel sender