1971 Volvo 1800E


Water leaking into and (staying) in the trunk area. It has devastated the fuel tank area.

Detail picture of the trunk floor: the rust is working it's way through the gas tank. This car would be unsafe in a rear end collision.

Detailed picture of the trunk area

Front brakes: as expected, these California cars (aside from anomalous problems like wet trunks) usually have exceptionally well preserved, rust free, mechanicals.

Differential: shows replaced pinion seal and serviced u-joint. Now there is an extreme amount of grease residue from previously leaking seal.

Transmission: The dark areas are from previous oil leaks. We are doing the speedo seals and cable, which will mitigate leakage. Transmission body seal still leaks and will require removal and disassembly of the transmission to correct the problem.

Front (passenger side) caliper: before work-note the little degree of rust

Rear hub with caliper and disc removed, showing the emergency brake shoes and hardware.

Rear rotor: nice, little rust

Tires: big and worn, oversized tires rub on the sway bars and brake lines.

Front brake caliper after work was done. Neverseize and silicone grease help mitigate the negative effects of climate

Old, loose undercoating under the fenders: this will eventually hold moisture in and allow rust

10/22/08: Parts removed from the car

Not an easy job: Steve replacing the heater control cables

10/29/08: Cowl grille and surround removed to hunt for water leak source. Dark areas are rusty metal exposed by removing the trim.

Source found-this gasket has deteriorated enough to let water inside the car (specifically the driver's side) and if left as is, would lead to the demise of the floor panels.

11/3/08: Fresh air inlet-rust removed and painted

Inlet door back in place with new gasket-this will minimize the chances of rain water entering the car and rusting out the floors.



last updated 10/30/08