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1972 Volvo 1800ES


08/31/06: Gas tank removed

Isn't it lovely...it's on its way to reconditioning

Fuel system components removed

New fuel filter and lines

9/26/06: Rebuilding muffler hanger

Old exhaust

Wheels before reconditioning

Wheels blasted

Front brakes being serviced

Rear hub stripped of brake components

Brake components disassembled for reconditioning

Rear rotor before reconditioning

Stainless steel exhaust system installed

Reconditioned fuel tank installed as well as a new fule pump, filter and plumbing

Front shot of stainless steel exhaust

Wheels in epoxy primer

9/28/06: Wheels painted and clear coated

Tire mounted on fresh rim, note the small wheel weight-this was accomplished by very true wheels and installing Michelin tires.

Wheels mounted on vehicle with hand tapped lug nuts. The original Acorn-style lug nuts are no longer available through Volvo

Battery box-previous marginal repair at the top
















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