1973 Volvo 1800ES

Previous Work                                                                                                            GREEN PAINT!

Door jambs scuffed, cleaned, ready for primer! Same with the inside of hte hood

Passenger side door: jamb primed

Driver side door jamb primed

Inside the hood: primed

Passenger side door jamb painted!

Driver side door jambs painted!

Underside of the hood painted!!

12/02/09: Final body work completed, sanded, ready for final primer

Final primer!

Fresh Paint!

Wet sanded body

Cleaned up after wet sanding

An attempt to show the color!

Floor detail: This is the passenger side, front. The sound deadener has been removed, and you can see some orange. This is the reason for sandblasting-once it's in there it won't go away on its own! So a blast will follow

Floors completely blasted. No rust through! Ready for primer

Self etching primer applied to fresh metal floor

Floors painted-a nice touch to such a nice project