1973 Volvo 1800ES

Previous Weeks

9/29/09: This is a detailed area of the rear trunk hatch. This is where the seal slips onto the body to seal the car when the hatch is shut. This seal holds water between itself and the body...which eventually leads to rust. We are fortunate here in that there were only a few very small areas that needed to be repaired! 

One of the repairs

Roof stripped, body work completed and sanded. Ready for primer.

Same, view from the passenger side front!

Roof in primer!

All trim pieces: An important step in this process is deciding what the car is going to get as "new" and what will be reconditioned.

Rear valence stripped and body work completed.

(I apologize for the "green" here...camera malfunction!) Here, the top of the rear quarter has been stripped and body work done.

Bottom of rear quarter panel section, passenger side, stripped and being pulled

Top of passenger side rear quarter panel in primer

10/05/09: Passenger side rear quarter final body work complete. Detail of the door line!!

Entire view of passenger side rear quarter section. Ready for epoxy primer

Epoxy primed passenger side rear quarter! A very, very important step. Otherwise, the primer (and consequently the paint) have absolutely no adhesion to the metal.

Passenger side rear quarter in primer.

"Stud pulling" the driver side rear quarter section. This panel, like the other side, is in excellent shape. It just needed a little "tweaking" to get the lovely rounded curves back!


Updated 10/05/09