1973 Volvo 1800ES

Previous Work

9/01/09: Driver side door stripped, ready to work out the dents

Driver side door: dents worked out and skim coated-ready for primer

Passenger side: where the door meets the front fender-the gap was not even so the door was causing damage to the fender edge. Here, the technician has worked the metal to create an appropriate line.

This car was "Z-Barted" (or rust proofed). Each of these yellow plugs hides the hole where they actually inserted the rust proofing.




Passenger side door, stripped down, body work completed and ready for primer

Both doors with the body work complete and ready for primer

Both doors in epoxy and primer!

Hood being stripped with chemical peeler-a very aggressive chemical that will curl the paint right off of the metal but keeps the technician from making deep gouges in the metal from sanding.

Most of the paint removed...again, chemical peeler works so well here since it is a sensitive area that is one of the most viewed areas of the car! !

Bare metal!

The hood had quite a few areas that needed body work-not because of rust but because perhaps someone bounced a basketball on it?! Not to worry, it is good as new!

Hood body work complete

Hood in epoxy (what actually adheres the primer to the metal...an important step!

Hood in primer! With a guide coat sprayed on (the black 'stuff'), ready to be sanded

The first of 3 small areas that had pin holes from rust. These were found on the back end, under the seal for the back hatch. Very typical, yet a-typical minimal!

Very small holes found when the area around the trunk hatch was sandblasted. Very minor, easily fixed by welding

Car is masked off and ready for the rest of the body to be stripped! The hood will get stripped first...


Updated 9/15/09