Rust where the floor meets the rocker panel

Replacing left front caliper

Right front caliper

Wheel bearing work, front

Broken stud removed from altenator bracket

Holes in the floor

11/01/06: Dirverside floor showing rust

Driverside floor cut out

Driverside rusty floor pieces cut out

Carl welding/repairing the seat support

Driverside with carpets and sound deadener removed, shows rusted through area

Driverside seat hump removed

Detail of rusted area along the inner rocker

Driverside floor pan removed

11/08/06:Seat hump removed, shows repaired area

Detaill of repaired area of seat hump

Floors cut out, prepped for replacement

Rear section of floor prepped for replacement

Perferations in firewall: visible after sandblasting

Rusted area of firewall removed

Exterior shot of removed piece of firewall

Patch panel for the firewall in place

inner rocker panel removed

end view of rocker panel showing leaves, etc in the bottom of panel-the source of rust

Different view of the sub floor

New floor panel

Firewall section repair panel in place

Double floor section to access rear rocker panel

11/09/06:Inner rocker and subframe installed-prepped for floor installation

Floor cut out and drilled

Final floor fitting

Floor being spot and plug welded: view from under the car

Same, this is a view from inside the car

Inner rocker in place

Outter rocker being fitted

Unner rocker welded

Outter rocker welded in

Same, front section of outter rocker

Inner rocker welded in place

Passenger side floor welded in

Rear section of the passenger side floor

Inner rocker being welded in

Outter rocker panel in place

11/13/06: Carl grinding the welds on the driverside rocker (rear section)

Sandblasted welds

Welds grinded on the front of the rocker (driverside)

Driverside ready to install the seat hump

Seat hump welded back

11/30/06: removing passenger side rear floor area next to inner rocker

Inside rocker panel: view of the detritous that lead to the rust

Passenger side rust section of the floor removed

Passenger side front of floor section with rocker removed

Rear rocker panel area removed

Section of old floor removed

Inner rocker removed

Passenger side rust area sandblasted, prepared to replace floor panel

Inner rocker panel being installed

Fabrication of rear floor area

Rear area complete!

December 2006: rear rocker panel attached and ready for welding

Rocker panel welded into place

Passenger side front floor prime, seam sealed, ready to install seat hump

Seat hump in place, ready to be welded

Old parts

Rocker panels with body work done, ready for paint process

Passenger side body work done and ready for paint process

Detail of new floor, showing rocker panel drain hole

Underside of floor, showing the undercoating

Carl preparing the rocker panel for paint

Rocker panel in paint!

Dynomat (sound deadener) in place

Vehicle's original carpet cleaned (thoroughly rinse and vac'd) and reinstalled

Rear section interior panel-original condition

Original interior door panel (back side)-shows terrible condition

Supplied interior panel, shows a better starting point for reconditioning

Windshield removed, looking carfeully you can see how there was no contact with the adhesive/frame/windshield. This creates free access to the

interior for rain!

Windshield contact area claened, and primed-ready to make a good contact

Underside, showing thew fuel line replaced

Floors are done!

Detailed area of the seal under the windshield (by the way-note that you already had a dash cover put on...a new one is coming)

Fog lights: the left is the replacement, the right one is the original

Hans' work to enlarge the foglight frame

Installing the new, renovated fog light frame into the new grille

Fitting the modified fog light bracket into the car

Igor buffing

Brackets modified and ready to install

Surround final fit, primed and ready to paint

Fog lights installed

Detailed bracket spacer on fog light

Almost done...

Sitting outside, after polish and wax...few more details

1/16/07: Previous poor quality repair done on headlight harness

New headlight wiring

Reconditioned and installed driver side door panel (with new 'map' pocket)

Interior is back together! (not the seats...)

Passenger side door panel reconditioned and installed

Directional covers installed!


2/13/07: Interior completly installed! It really looks amazing. A very classic interior combination for this '78 two door!

All functions even work!

It's hard to get a nice picture of the carpet caputring the texture and the color...this is the foot well and hump in the rear

The vinyl on the seats perfectly matchs the door panels and the rear arm rest sections

Speakers reinstalled ontop of a recovered hat shelf