1982 Volvo 240 GLT Turbo

One of the weakest points of the 240 is their rust factor. The model is especially susceptible to rusting from the inside out. One of the major contributors to that process is constantly wet carpets/leaking front windshield. Simply replacing the windshield doesn't always cut it. Often we find that we need to sand blast, prime and paint the rim that the seal and glass sit into. In the second picture you can see a small hole, which we went on to put a small weld on, to ensure a nice clean, rust free surface for the windshield gasket to seal against.


Windshield seal area as found. Note the perforation. This will need to be repaired before pain

This type of surface needs to be addressed/repaired so that there is a valid surface to install a new seal to. Otherwise this car would be back in the same condition as previous-water seeping in and the rust cycle starting all over again

The worst spot cut away to be repaired. The original style windshield trim trapped dirt and caused considerable rust around the windshield. This area was so rusty it needed a metal patch.

Metal patch in place and ground.

Masked off, ready for primer


Painted (note, there is no trace of the repair!)

Cowl painted and ready for new glass

Repair complete. New gasket and glass installed