1982 Volvo 240 GLT Turbo


9/24/09: Fuel sender out of the tank

Fuel sender as found: Rusty but functional. Not as bad as usual and perhaps salvageable...

Fuel sender glass bead blasted-no serious problems.

Fuel sender Hammerite coated-this will likely outlast a replacement!

Battery box as found. Even on unrusted cars the original design battery box had a short lifespan

Battery box removed. Mounting bracket still intact

New design, plastic battery box installed-this box takes the group 47 battery and has an excellent hold down system

9/29/09: Replaced parts-accessory belts, exhaust interpipe mount and rubbers. Lower control arm bushing. Battery box and fuel line.

Squirter connector and bare wires. More bad fuel line

Servicing the driveshaft u-joints will greatly extend the unit's service life

The center bearing support was wasted. This new one will last for years.

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Updated 10/15/09