1999 Volvo V70XC

For Sale

Current Mileage: 115,598

Equipment: CD Player, Cassette player, Seat Heaters (both front seats), Cruise Control, Dual Climate Control, Heated mirrors, Sunroof, Michelin Tires, Tilt Steering wheel

Recent Work Performed:

Oil Change, replace left tie rod end, 4 wheel alignment (at 115,597 miles)

-Replace timing belt, serpentine belt and all associated pulleys and tensioners, install 4 new Michelin Harmony tires 205x75x15, replace heater core (at 117,713 miles)

-Replace speed sensor, flush transmission, replace wiper blades, service emergency brakes, service rear brakes, replace right ball joint/Control arm, left steering rod and 4 wheel alignment, replace/repair plate light, rebuild driveshaft (replace front CV Joint and boot) (at 110,338 miles)