2000 Volvo V70XC

At every visit to Alan Auto, your leather seats will be automatically cleaned and serviced with the best leather products available. This is a free service. This seat's problems were completely preventable.

These, like most leather seats, will not last without care. Once they are cracked, the only options are to live with or replace.

Cloth cover installed on an existing frame

Seat frame stripped

Igor re-skinning the customer's seats with original donor cloth covers. Cloth is a better option than leather as it wears much better and it isn't hot in the summer/cold in the winter.

Broken parts, such as this center console, are more easily replaced with the seats removed.

With the seats out, the carpets can be cleaned and sanitized-and brought back to a safe condition for human habitation again.

This nice clean and comfortable interior is the net result of a few days work and some good parts. Many otherwise fine carts are given up on because the interiors have become no longer fit for habitation. Replacing the whole car for the sake of a shabby interior is a steep price to pay.