2006 XC90 84,000 miles

Oil filler cap removed: note the burnt and built up oil on the actual cap as well as the 'sludge' that is visible in the oil fill area

The lower left of this picture shows one inlet of the PCV system. This was all but completely plugged. You can see oil sprayed up around the hole.

Engine oil pan removed. What is impressive to note is the amount of clumped oil throughout this pan.

This hot highlights an all but plugged oil circulation tube. This was the area that would prove most difficult to thoroughly clean...

View from under the car, looking up once the engine oil pan had been removed. The oddly shaped black piece in the center is the oil pick up tube: that will get replaced (no surprise to find it bad considering what it had been 'picking up' for oil!)

Engine oil pan vat cleaned!

Detailed pictured of area photographed above: the square tube here was of concern-the machine shop had to make several attempts to get it completely cleaned-finally successfully and seeing a chunk of sludge finally become dislodged. (had that not been the case, we would have had to replace the engine oil pan