240 Roof Rack Repair



A: These three pictures (A-C) show advanced rust around the well nut holes


C: A plug in place


E: Area around the plug has been sand blasted

F: The result of blasting


H: The job is done, ready for the roof rack to be re-installed.

This series of picture is very relative to the life expectancy of the 240. It shows the process of reconditioning the holes that are drilled in the roof of a 2340 to attach the roof rack. This process was done at the dealership, as the roof rack was an add-on accessory. Typically, we find the 12 holes crudely drilled with no rust protection added to the raw, metal hole edges after drilling. Moisture gets trapped under the rubber cushions, under the rack's 6 legs-the result of trapped moisture and unprotected steel is rust and ultimately poor rain-water sealing around the "well nuts" which hold the roof rack. Next, water starts entering the vehicle at these points and contribute to the floor rust-out. These pictures show, in detail, the process of reversing the problem.


Note: Gutter-mounted racks are far stronger and offer no chance of water intrusion.