Shows wrong curve on passenger side rear 1/4 panel body work.

Old A/C compressor. The bearing was very loud, and it was about to blow.

Lower control arm damaged from having made contact with something stronger than it's self.

Original shocks. Dark one has "leaked out". It's like "bleeding out".

Head light relay. Note the corrosion, which comes from the inside. Now the high beams work.

This drive shaft center bearing made a sound like air craft taking off. It's quiet now.

Normal wear and tear for this kind of torque rod bushing. They get replaced with a solid urethane one which doesn't wear out.

Broken motor mount worn from age and a hot climate which tends to toll on rubber parts.

Motor mount cracked from age.

Front lower control arm bushing shows rubber separated from metal, causing the front end alignment to be anybody's guess. New bushings will allow alignment to be set and stay.


Succumbed to water inside the protective boot which rusted the ball joint and ruined the joint of this steering rod inner end.

Pinion seal. This picture shows the outside of the seal which is oil soaked from leakage.


Exhaust manifold gaskets were blowing out causing the car to sound like a dirt track racer. With new gaskets it's quiet again.

Seat heater grid as found. The wires were organized and held in place with thread as original.


In the process of repairing seat heater grid.

Rebuilt seat heater ready to reinstall.

The seat heater grid had broken wires. These seats were completely rejuvenated including repairing the foam and getting all the seat heaters working.

These seats were taken apart for surgery.

The seat back apart.

Replaced lumbar support.

The radio "rat's nest" was very challenging. Wires were snipped. To repair required removing much of the dash and all of the door panel.


Trying to render the car's interior odor neutral with all our tricks. This one being baking soda.


Replacing the headlight capsule.

New headlight capsules.

Installing the "Big Guy" kit in this 240 - the seat will travel back another 6" allowing a much larger person to sit comfortably in the driver's seat.

Here you see the Big Guy seat conversion being done by Igor.  He has made a bracket to enable the driver's seat to go back 6" further than it originally did.


This perfect 240 fender from stock will replace a badly dented fender and avoid the bondo treatment. It's cheaper than the labor to repair the damaged one.

Repair to front control arm attachment. Area around nut was cracked.

To view Pictures of the car in the process of painting, click here

New stainless steel nuts!




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