1968 Volvo 1800S 

Starting out in the engine bay, this AC pulley bearing is getting replaced keeping the system functional.

The cooling system had multiple issues.  The thermostat housing was perforated by corrosion.

The thermostat had come apart and...


...and the radiator was plugged.


Here are brakes in "as found condition"; even on this unrusted Texas car the brakes are solidly stuck and worn out.

The drumbs are rusty...

...and need turning.

The backing plates, the basis for the system, are humble....

...and rusty.

The wheel bearings are loose, dry, and worn out.

The brake flex lines are cracked and stiff.


Our standard treatment for rear brakes, which hopefully will preclude the common problem of the rear wheel cylinder piston seizing up...

...in the cylinder is shown here.  The uniquely reconditioned cylinder with brass lining and custom turned stainless steel piston, new bleeder screw and seal kit.

This picture shows the new shoes alongside the old ones.

New emergency brake cable and very important blasted and painted backing plate.

New E-brake cable installed.


These pictures show the axle removed to clean inside the rear end.  Here the axle bearing has been cleaned and repacked.

Unlike most axles the outer bearing does not run in differential lube but is independently lubed with bearing grease and needs to be cleaned and repacked periodically.  Here is the inside of the housing after cleaning.

The axle is back in place on the reconditioned backing plate; the proper bearing clearance has been achieved by shimming.