1968 Volvo 1800S

Freshly turned and painted rear brake drumb.


Drumb installed.

The completed rear brake system ready for years of reliable service.


These rear axle seal holders had to be reconditioned.  Seals were not available for a period of time at this juncture in the restoration process.


The felt front engine seal was the correct fit...


...for these reconditioned units.


This series shows the original very crusty brake rotors.


Pictured here is the turned front brake disc...


...and new bearing being packed and installed.


The new caliper installed with new Volvo pads.

Silicone grease between pads and caliper and Never Seize on the retaining hardware.


New brake flex lines installed and the system bled using fresh LMA (low moisture absorbing) brake fluid...

...complete this correct professional installation. Do it right the first time and it won't have to be done again!


A common problem with the 1800 front suspension is that the upper front shock tower mount plate cracks.

Here a replacement plate has been fabricated and positioned for welding.

The plate is mig welded in place...

...and painted.  T'aint pretty but it's a difficult to access location and only needs to be functional.

New shock installed in the repaired mount.



A few of the commonly replaced parts on this restoration project.

We always replace all the engine bay rubber hoses and flexible brake lines, suspension bushings...

...and steering components, as necessary.

Old emergency brake cables.