These show the cylinder bore-perfect-no taper, no wear!  No need for machining.

The engine parts were picked-cleaned to like new.

The pistons were cleaned and fitted with new, original style chrome cast iron rings.

Here we are plastigauging the crank to check tolerances.  The crank was polished and new standard bearings were used.  The bearing clearances were to factory specs when done.

This shows the crankshaft before polishing.

These next 3 pictures show the engine block cleaned.  It is acid etched to promote paint adhesion and...

...painted with industrial paint.

These two pictures show the reconditioned head and water pump installed on the renovated block.

This picture shows the pan after sand blasting and painting.  Also shown is a portion of the sandblasted and freshly nickeled hardware including motor mount, A/C compressor bracket, crank pulley, and attachment hardware.

These next two show the engine accessories being assembled onto the engine.

The clutch and transmission get attached and...

...the finished engine is hoisted into place...

...and all the accessories are attached.

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