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1968 VOLVO 1800S


These are the defective seat runners that came inside the car

Starting the disassembling process, trim being removed

Here we tested an area of the driverside floor panel for rust...we didnt find any rust through...thats a good thing!

All the trim removed before starting to strip the paint

Mislocation of the brake servo

Misalignment of the trunk due to the hit from the driverside. Look at the left lower corner compared to the right lower corner...not the same amount

of space

Corrosion around the fuel tank sender

Driverside tail light support from inside the trunk, shows the body damage

Trunk interior showing rust

Driver side shot: the body is stripped!

Passenger side: again, body stripped!

This is the driver side tail light area, the picture shows how the metal is deformed from a hard hit

Driver side rear 1/4 rust on the seam from the 1/4 panel installation

Passenger side rear deck shows the trunk lid fit...there's no clearance!

Driverside rear deck-trunk lid has a large gap...

A view of the body stripped...

A rear view-shows the rear valance body damage

12/07/05: Hood stripped

Passenger door stripped

Driver door stripped

Fuel tank showing rust

Traunk showing rust

Main body stripped

Hood, final sand

Driver side door latch area showing deformation of the panel and poor installation of the 1/4...see a pop rivet?!

Lower section of previous picture

Same area, see the braze?

Sand blasted door jamb-best news of the week: NO RUST!

Same good news here!

No rust...a good thing...just soem deformed metal at the mount-bolt hole

12/15/05: Battery box floor repair

Rear decklid section cut out for removal

The piece removed

New piece cut to install

Rear deck area shoing fiberglass work

Rear valance area showing repair

Rear quarter showing fiberglass work

Sandblasting areas that couldnt be grounded

12/20/05: door in primer!

Body work in progress

Right side, interior of trunk-shows how the trunk floor is humped up from the hit

Driverside door jamb-shows where the work is necessary on the rear quarter

Fittting tail light to rear quarter

Battery box-new floor!

Fitting trim

Deformed passengerside floor

Driverside door, you can see the bad body line-especially at the top of the door

new, correct, trunk line!

1/19/06: Rear valance to quarter seam, crooked

Rear valance in plastic

Front valance in plastic

Lights, trim and plate light fitting

Front valance ready to prime

Close up of front valance

Hood fitted

Roof in plastic

Passenger side roof and deck lid in plastic

Body prepped for priming

In primer!

180 grit sand through guide coat on to expose any defects: driverside rear

Rear valance in sand through guide, before the sanding

Sand through guide coat sanded through on the top metal

1/31/06: Rework the driverside rear quarter-there were some high spots

Doors, hood and vehicle in final primer

Final primer and guidecoat-ready for the 320 blocking!

Undercoat area under front fender


Same area after cleaning

Carl masking the pannels

Repaired hood hinge area

Pannels, hood, trunklid all in final paint!

Car is masked and ready for paint!

2/13/06: Carl and Amanda...and the PAINTED BODY!

2/14/06: Carl wet sanding the front end

Looks more military with the compound on it...still in process

Left rear quarter, painted

Trunk area....painted

Right rear quarter...PAINTED!

2/15/06: There it is! All painted...wet sanded...buffed...polished! Now we can start making it look like a real car again!

2/20/06: Going back together! Headlights...

The following shots are obviously interior pieces...think new...

2/22/06: New sound deadening material in place, it helps take care of the tin-can sound

See how nice the back looks? Told you...

Carl installing squirters

All of the front assembled, except for the grille and the grille surround

original grille

Refurbished grille!

Wheels processed and in self-etching primer!

Close up!

3/17/06: old, deteriorated rear sat webbing

Carpet and seat runners installed!

Rear carpet and speakers installed

New, painted correct color, test fitting arm rest

New webbing, reclipped, being installed

Driver seat, bad support

3/21/06: New masonite trunk liner (this sits ontop of the gas tank, underneath a rubber mat)

New, ugly antenna

Where's the grille?!

5/18/06: Under the door panel...

Its DONE and it's BEAUTIFUL!



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