PREVIOUS WORK                                                                       '68 White 1800



...and delaminated.

Because of the excellent fit, seldom available with reproduced interiors, an attempt will be made to refurbish these interior parts with the goals of enconomy-not to put more resources into refurbishment than equivalent new parts and quality-achieving an as good as new look.  This is a high expectation!

Shown are redyed carpets.

The color match is perfect.

The complicated rear seat deck plywood shown badly delaminated in this picture... painstakingly repaired... as new condition.

The faded rear panels are repsrayed in place.

Original rear seat redyed.

Carpets are redyed.

And leather luggage straps are reconditioned.

Sail panels are redyed.

Arm rests are sprayed (these reproductions are available in black only) and reattached to  reproduce lower door panel.

The door handle garnish molding is painstakingly cut into the armrest door pull...

...and attached here.

To keep this 100 point restoration 100 percent authentic, the armrest drain funnel...

...and tube is salvaged and installed into the new armrest.  Zero room for error here.

The original door top cushions ary very expensive new.  Fortunately, these are in excellent condition...

...and only need respraying.

These seat runners are an exellent design incorporating bearings which allow the seat to move to the desired position with minimal effort.

Unfortunately they are vulnerable to dirt, rust, and bending, and usually are frozen when they arrive here.  So considerable effort may be necessary to get these seat runners working well before installing them.