Your Complete Volvo Restoration Shop

Since I first touched wrench to Volvo way back in the winter of '69 I knew I'd be making a long term commitment to understanding, repair, and preservation of these cars. Each model, from the 444 to the 70 series, has had a uniqueness which has set it apart from its automotive contemporaries and endeared it to it owners. Durability, simplicity, longevity, safety, ease of repair and so many other less tangible factors have grown an owner allegiance enviable among car manufacturers. So for me to make a transition from industrial design to Volvo repair/restoration was not a difficult choice.

People/ The Dream Team
People are the business, both customers and employees. Steve has been with Alan Auto almost from the time we moved to the current location in 1978.



Steve: Was working on and driving the cars we are now restoring when they were new. 544's, 1800's, and 122's are second nature to him. Steve is living proof that "what youth teaches age practices."





Igor-really gets into his work...





Bethany: Bookkeeping, Parts, etc..................





Our expectation is that vehicles we restore should last at least another generation. We work to the highest professional standards to make this possible. Then we instruct our customers in ways to promote the longevity of their great cars. The finished product is far more than a means of transportation: it is art/ it is history/ it is beauty/ and it can be enjoyed by everyone who rides in it or even sees it driving by.