1967 Volvo 1800S

This bad rag joint (steering coupler) was not eer connecting the upper and lower sections of the steering column.







Shows therear brake stripped to the akel.

Shows the outer bearings having been serviced; cleaned and replaced with new grease.

These are the inside and outside of the brake backing plates. These must be in good condition to assure proper braking adjustment and function.



This shows these backing plates sand blasted and painted.

Here the brake drums have been blasted and painted with heat resistant caliper paint. Rusty drums don't coat well and can rust thin and be dangerous



This show the rear brakes reassembled using our innovative stainless steel rear wheel cylinder, with new axle seal and shoes.

SU carbs are a curse on the automotive world on par with Lucas electrics. When they are working properly they perform adequately. the eliminate all the downsides of the SUs we strongly recommend the Weber replacement carb. The first step is to remove the intake and exhaust manifold (G).

This shows the manifold being modified to accommodate the new intake manifold which comes with the Weber kit. The intake tubes are also removed.

This shows the newly shaped exhaust manifold installed along with the new Weber one.

These show the finished product including the replaced valve cover.



Here Steve is installing the new design brake servo. This unit replaced the brake fluid sucking original unit which has caused many Volvos to go suddenly brakeless.

These rear suspension arms softened from multiple maladies: bad bushings, very rusty arms, and unattainable bushings.





This show excellent condition replacement arms from 1969. The bushings are new and the metal is only lightly rusted.

These show before and after sandblasting.


These show the arms painted.


These show new bushings pressed into the replacement arms.


These show the replaced/reconditioned arms installed.



The rear suspension retaining straps keep the rear end from facing out when the car's suspension leaves the ground.This shows the retainers reconditioned.

These show the straps back in place with stainless hardware. Pardon the messy neverseize, but in the event these parts need to come apart again it will make it possible.