Save the 240

 (242, 244, 245, 262, 264...)

So maybe the heading is a bit cheesy...but any 240 owner (past or present) will know exactly what we are talking about!


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A happy customer - starting out his trip home in this fully restored 1991 240.


                  Volvo 1991 White 245

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Engine Flush:

Floor Repair:





1991 240 SE Wagon Project Click for Pictures

                    1978 Volvo 242

Head Repair B-230

Click Here - you will see a resurrected B-230 Head which had had a blown head gasket.

1984 240 Battery Box Click for Pictures


This begins the story of the resurrection of this beautiful gold rust-free '92 240 which became "toasted."  Burner's are very difficult to repair because of the pervasive nature of fire and heat. Even the caustic nature of fire retardents used to extinguish auto fires can cause collateral damage.








Roof Rack Repair





Rocker Panel Repair and Windshield Repair