1967 Jaguar XKE Convertible





Rusted out seam that was obviously rigged at one point

Rusty fender seam

Detail of fender seam rust

Mud guard seam rust

Nose: center section before work

Extensive sheet metal damage-front of the nose, center section

Fenders off

Fenders off, showing the rusty flange

5/11/05: Old flange cut off, and replacement part in place but not welded

Center section showing the new flange in place but not welded

Center section shows the flange replacement piece not in place

5/12/05: Hood center section with the new flange installed

5/16/05: Left wing showing the old brazed in patch

*same as previous

Left wing (inside) showing the support rusted out

Rust on the inside of the fender

5/17/05: Rusted area in lower corner of the fender removed

5/18/05: The wing shows the deterioration of the support in the lower layer

This and the following picture show the wing support and lower corner repair work completed

6/6/05: Detailed pictures of the distressed hood metal

6/7/05: Repair patch to relieve the distressed metal on hood

Same as previous, showing the piece removed

6/9/05: Underside of hood with the wings reattached

Outside of hood, partially reassembled

Front lower valence, old and new (black)-this part needed to be extensively modified to fit

6/13/05: Prefitting the lower valence-as with all new jaguar sheet metal, extensive modfication is usually necessary to accomplish a good fit

6/14/05: Nose with the lower valence fitted

nose with the headlight bucket fitted

This and the next picture show part of the process of fitting the new, poorly designed, headlight bucket

Continuing the fitting process of the headlight bucket

6/15/05 The driver side headlight bucket, finished and fitted, two days of work later!

The bonnet starting to go back together

Fitting the bonnet's structural panels

June 21: Hans fitting the hood

June 22: The hood is all assembled and adjusted

June 23: Pre-cosmetized

483 old bolts/hardware (we counted!)

483 new bolts/hardware!

June 27: The finishing process of the outside hood begins

July 11: Sanding the filler coat

July 7: The hood is in sprayable polyester filler coat

July 14: Disassembly to jamb parts ("jamb": Painting the areas of subassembly (i.e flanges)

This is the center section, lower

Lower nose panel

Headlight buckets

Hood rails

Hood: etch primer, with all stabilizing pieces glued. The stabilizing pieces will be glued again right before the paint

Fender: etch primer

July 14: Hood components painted (jammed)

Hood components primed

July 19: 600+ pieces of hardware painted

Hood reassembled

July 20: Some of "the crew" fussing with the hood before it gets set back on the body

The hood's on! Almost looks like the car's smiling...

8/8/05: block sanding to find high and low points in the metal

8/9/05: Carl and Hans with the hood/nose/fenders in the paint booth

8/11/05: Final sand before painting

8/15/05: Here it is in the paint booth finally all painted!

2/08/06: Beginning to trim the bonnet

Bumper installed

more trim being installed on bonnet

Difficult headlight trim being installed


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