VMA (Vehicle Maintenance Analysis)


Way back in the beginning of Alan Auto (1969!!) work was performed on customers' cars with no foreknowledge of their (the car) overall condition. Just last week an unfortunate customer brought his car in with a situation that can so easily happen when this lack of knowledge condition exists. The shop he had recently had it to replaced a very expensive head pipe on a car with practically nonexistent motor mounts. The whole car felt like a vibrating bed in a cheap motel.

Beyond having to replace the motor mounts, the customer was now faced with having to take apart the exhaust system and re-hang it so it would fit the new-and correct-motor position. For us (and our customer) this is fortunately a lesson I learned early on: don't work on cars you don't know much about.

So I came up with this analysis-which we perform on any car the first time we see it, and annually after that. This procedure helps us help you, the car owner, understand what work is priority. Furthermore, it is an insurance policy against unanticipated breakdowns. For example, we have never had a customer's car require a transmission overhaul if they have had a transmission flush done by us. An ounce of prevention is surely worth a pound of cure when it comes to car repair. The ratio of maintenance cost to repair cost can be even greater-if your timing belt breaks and your engine gets ruined as a result.

The VMA applies equally well to classic cars being considered for restoration and used cars being considered for purchase. Simply put, the VMA strategy can take much of the unpredictability out of the process of owning a car. I highly recommend it.

When you come back in to pick up your car, you will get a copy of the VMA that the technician fills out.